Lakka is located at the northern tip of the island of Paxos in a bay well protected by winds with turquoise waters. It is a very beautiful picturesque village that gives the feeling of peace and tranquility. Its small port is very popular for its safe waters and for this reason many seafarers choose it to protect themselves from the winds. They often anchor waiting for days until the storm stops. There are also visitors from the surrounding areas such as Corfu, Sivota and Parga with tourist boats and day trips. According to history, the name of Lakka comes from its first inhabitants who were from Souli origin, who, chased by Ali Pasha of Ioannina, were forced to take refuge inPaxos and Antipaxos. A key attraction you can visit is the lighthouse of Lakka, which was built in 1832 entirely of stone and is 36 meters and 108 meters high. distance from sea level.

As for your stay in Lakka there are not large hotel units but many small traditional accommodation, rooms to let, modern apartments, studios or villas able to satisfy even the most demanding visitor, most a breath from the beach and with a view of


turquoise waters. In the main square there are traditional taverns where they can offer you a taste of the local cuisine and tradition. There is also the Italian influence which is clearly visible.One of the most famous and widespread beaches in the area and on the island is Monodendri and Charami beach. (Harami). The first has an organized Beach bar as well as sunbeds-umbrellas. Also from the back of the creek there are caves that are worth visiting. Among them is the cave of Ypapantis.

Access to Lakka is very easy and comfortable, just 8 km from it Gaios and 3 km from Longos. With a conventional car in 10 -15 minutes you are in any location without wasting time. For those who visit the island without transport can rent a car or motorbike or even take the bus from Gaios

It is very easy to rent a boat from and discover all the beauties of Paxos that are not accessible from the mainland