Arriving in Paxos, you disembark at Gaios,

the capital of the island. A picturesque village with beautiful buildings of great British and Venetian influence that the Paxos received in the past. A walk in the port will be unforgettable. Along its entire length, luxury yachts and sailing boats are “moored” to be a particularly impressive spectacle and to create a very summery atmosphere. The port is natural and is protected by two islands, Agios Nikolaos and Panagia, which are located at a very short distance from the mainland, thus creating a floating corridor between them, a meniscus and therefore its northern and narrowest part. In Agios Nikolaos there is the castle that protected the area during the Venetian era, while on the island of Panagia, there is a church “Panagia ton Vellianiton” where most weddings are organized every summer.

From the main square you can board one of the many speedboats that make the route Paxoi-Antipaxoi. The distance is just 3nm and it will not take more than 10-15 minutes to reach the dreamy sandy beaches with turquoise waters Vrika and Voutumi. Another option is to take one of the boats that make the tour of the island and guide you to other attractions such as the caves, the most famous of which are the Blue Caves, Ypapanti and Achaea. For those who do not have time and need only a quick swim there is the beach of Gianna just 100 meters from the main square.

There is no lack of services and tourist offices, such as rent a car,scooters and boats rent for those who prefer to explore the beaches of the island on their own. With a simple walk you will find everything in front of you.

When it comes to shopping, in the alleys you will see many shops for all tastes and all needs. From simple souvenirs, beach items to expensive clothes and accessories. The market of Gaios really has nothing to envy as it lacks nothing.

For good food the options are many. From classic taverns with Greek menu, fish taverns with seafood


by local fishermen, Italian food as well as more gourmet restaurants for lovers of flavors.

 The nightlife consists of several bars with foreign and Greek music with most being by the sea. The rhythms are not frantic but more fun for a quality night.

In short, Gaios has it all. For those who choose to stay there and be in the spotlight there are beautiful and luxurious apartments for all tastes where they can book their stay in Paxos.