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Erimitis beach Paxos


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When nature creates the result can be only fantastic

The Erimitis beach was built in 2008, until then it did not exist. It is the youngest bech of Greece as it was created due to a landslide caused by an earthquake and with the collapse of a huge rock the opening to the sea was formed. The waves in turn helped in the final formation of a beautiful beach with wild and imposing landscape and the locals took care of its access.Its coast includes white pebbles and its crystal clear waters have the characteristic blue and turquoise color of the Ionian. It is located between steep and imposing rocks that take your breath away looking up and late at night it is adorned by the beautiful sunset that fades on the horizon.It is not organized at all and for this reason it would be good to take with you the necessary food and drinks as well as equipment if you wish.Very close to the beach,only 2.5 km, you will find the eponymous Erimitis Bar Restaurant where you can dine or enjoy your drink or coffee. 

To reach the beach you will follow the road Gaios-Lakka and after 2 km you will see a sign leading you to the left (after the Shell gas station) and after a while a dirt road awaits you and another sign leads you to the right. From there you have another 1-2 kilometers until you park your vehicle and follow the stairs for another 5 minutes and you have arrived. For those who do not want to drive on the dirt road, they can park at a point after the second sign and continue on foot for about 15-20 minutes. 

εριμητης-erimitis-paxos-rent-apartment-ενοικιαση-sunsetThe beach of Erimitis is one of the wildest beaches of the Ionian and is worth visiting during your stay on the island of Paxos